Annual Questionnaire for 10 Years, Follow-up Visits at Years 1, 4, and 10

The BIFS study is a large, multicenter study being conducted to evaluate the long-term safety and performance of NATRELLE® silicone gel-filled breast implants compared with saline-filled implants. Participants are asked to complete an online health questionnaire annually for 10 years and to attend a physical exam with their surgeon (or a telemedicine visit) at years 1, 4, and 10 after their implant surgery.

The information obtained in the questionnaires and exams from women with silicone implants will be compared to women with saline implants (or national norms) regarding health concerns such as:

  • Adverse events, implant complication rates, pregnancy outcomes, problems related to lactation, effects on mammography, and effects on satisfaction with breasts and psychosocial well-being

By completing your annual questionnaires and attending your follow-up visits, you provide valuable safety information that helps all breast implant recipients.